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*We check if your hair is suitable to create your ideal style because every customer has different hair condition and type.




* Shampoo hair with the appropriate Momoko Shampoo depending on hair type/condition.
* Rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry.
* Apply the appropriate Momoko Pre-Treatments depending on hair type.



* Apply the appropriate Momoko Digital Perm Softening Solution in small section.

* Cover hair with plastic film and leave to develop at room temperature. Strand elasticity test at regular intervals to avoid over processing.



* Mid-Rinse. Rinse hair and apply Mid-Rinse Treatments. Apply Momoko Deo Rinse, massage through hair and rinse. Apply Momoko CMC3, massage through hair, rinse and towel dry. 

* Apply Momoko Pre-Winding Treatments Apply Momoko Repair Milk from roots to ends. 

* Apply Momoko Shine Oil from mid to end sections of the hair.

* Straightening carefully with Hair iron section by section.



* Apply the appropriate Momoko Neutraliser and leave to develop at room temperature and apply ! inse Treatments. Apply Momoko Deo Rinse and massage through hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse. Apply Momoko CMC3 and massage through hair. Rinse and towel dry.

Final steps & Result


* Comb through with a side-tooth comb.
* Apply Momoko Repair Milk and dry.